Various Perks of Video Gaming


Video games are only ways for never ending fun, but are also a source of relaxation and mental exercise. Newer video games use advanced technology and have gained a huge popularity in the past decades. Hence, it is an expanding industry and has grown rapidly. There are various kinds of games in which we can indulge ourselves. While we are looking to categorize them, we must consider their offerings.


The different kinds of games

Action Games- Action games are generally the fast paced ones which have a large amount of violence involved. These games are inappropriate for kids and are hence rated “M” for mature. Some examples of action games are Halo, Star Wars, and Project IGI etc.

Adventure and Role Playing- There are not high graphics intensive games but bear a nice storyline. These games are surrealistic and are mostly based on fantasy. These types of games do contain violence, but not as much as action games. Some of the examples of these types of games are Final Fantasy, Borderlands etc.

First Person Shooters- Much like the name implies, these types of games are the ones where you can see and feel the action from the eyes of the character. These characters generally use rifles and pistols to punish their enemies. There is a lot of violence involved in these types of games and hence is not appropriate for children. Some of the examples of these types of games are Modern Warfare, Counter Strike, and Half Life etc.

Strategy games- The rhythm of strategy game is slower than other games as they are heavily dependent of intricate mind work. The pace of such games provides the player enough time for strategic deployments. The player also has to consider resource management to win his games. Most of such games are based on warfare and hence are not devoid of violence. These games are not fit for children. Some of the examples of this type of games are Age of Empires, Civilization, and Defense of the Ancients etc.

Simulation- There are several video games that simulate real world situations in the digital world. There are various famous racing simulations available in this category. There are flight simulators and real life living simulators as well. You can be the manager of a football team, own a theme park or even be an astronaut. These are highly entertaining to children and are also very informative and learning for growing years.


Contrary to the popular belief that video games make an individual dull and dumb, video games actually improve a lot of senses in the human body. Video games help in enhancing cognitive thinking skills, real time decision making skills, improved motor skills, hand-eye coordination etc. A child’s imagination can be boosted by role playing and other simulation games. Some of the games promote teamwork and decision making skills which will aid the child in his life.  Video games build up confidence and also improve the motor skills of an individual.

Choosing the Best Personal Computer for Yourself


Computers are the fuel in our modern life. However, while choosing a computer, we have to keep in mind a specific budget. However, various questions regarding the purchase might be perplexing to you.

General Purpose User: These types of people are the casual users who use the computer to edit pictures, listen to music, surf the internet etc.  So a general purpose computer will be best for them. These computers are priced at $500-$1500.

Power Users: A power user is one who uses the computer to carry out heavy tasks like editing movies. These computers can also be sued to compile digital designs and play games. These computers are assembles with two or more hard drives so that integrity of data is maintained. A high end graphics card has to be installed as well. These computers are priced higher than the general purpose computers. A power user pc can cost anywhere between “$2500-$3500”. However the price may vary according to the specific requirements of the user.

Home Theatre Diggers: There are people who are in love with television and music. There is a specific type of pc for people like this. A computer can take care of all your home theatre requirements. One of the most popular media softwares is the Windows Media Centre. This keeps a track of all the types of music that you listen to. The prices for this type of computers range from anywhere between “$500-$1500”. You can also install a blu ray reader to manage and play all the blu ray contents. There are specifically entertainments PCs.

Home Workers- These types of computers are ideal for people who work from home. This type of PC does not need massive graphics. These PCs should be able to multitask and hence one should consider the dual cores and quad cores while assembling these computers. You will also want an operating system which is capable of multitasking. Hence you can carry out all your work conveniently. Such a computer is priced anywhere between “$500-$2000”.


The important components of a PC

There are various components which build up a computer. The main features which one should consider are:

Processor-The two giants in the market Intel and AMD are the most sought after processor manufacturers. When you are looking to multitask, you have to take a look at the multi core processors. The processor is the brains of the computer. So, you will have to choose carefully.

Memory-Memory of a computer works very similar to our own. It stores information for immediate or later use. These chips depend on the contemporary technology.

Hard Drive- The hard disk stores away all the data and hence depending on your workload, you have to choose how much data you need to store.

Keyboard, Mice – Keyboard, Mice, and scanners are all considered to be input devices. They convert the human interactive language and turn it into machine language.


Questions like the size of the product, the perfect technology for u and also the hardware specification which you need. There are different types of PC users.